Our Flagship Product - Smoked Habanero Hot Sauce

Angry Drake Smoked Habanero Hot Sauce is a Smokey, flavourful, moderately spicy, and addictive hot sauce that is a perfect addition to your favourite dish, from breakfast to dinner.

Our Smoked Habanero Hot Sauce is available in two sizes. 100ml if you're just after a taster or for our hot sauce lovers the 250ml bottle is more for you.

About Angry Drake

Angry Drake Smoked Goods is a small, family run, business owned
and operated by husband-and-wife team, Stirling and Lisa. The idea of creating
a smoked hot sauce emerged through a backyard project thought up by Stirling
and his dad Steve.

Stirling was eager to build a smoker and decided to start growing
some chillies from seedlings. These seedlings then ventured to the hobby farm
in Byron, where Steve brought the chillies to life. When the chillies were
ready for harvest the fun began!

We set out to find the perfect ingredients, cook time and
consistency to make the best Smokey sauce possible. Four years and many batches
of hot sauce later, plus creativity of our brand by Lisa, we believe we have
perfected the Smokey/heat balance to bring you our incredibly delicious Smoked
Habanero hot sauce.

Our smoked chilli salt has joined the Angry Drake stock list and we hope to
grow our range as our business grows.